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When it comes to Retail Sales, the Holographic Greeter is “hands down” unmatched in its ability to bring the Shopper to action at the point of purchase.

DELIVER your message 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
ENGAGE your customers and provide special offers and/or guidance.
CONNECT with your customers without intimidation.
CONVEY your message to a very receptive audience, and
CONVERT and increase your sales with our innovative system.
ASSIST in-store Associates in delivering the best possible customer experience by providing in depth details, information and special offers on new products



Because the Holographic Greeter is so compelling, shoppers are receptive to the wealth of information provided, enabling them to get the big picture of everything the store has to offer. The customer is engaged in an emotionally reactive experience where interaction and involvement encourages and if implemented correctly, rewards spending. The Holographic Greeter can also be customized by gender or language to meet you market demographics.

An effective “themed” campaign with the Holographic Greeter will build excitement and help “tell the story” to create immediate connections between Consumers, Brands and Events through the unique blending of digital messaging and “personal 3rd party Product endorsements” through the Holographic Personality. Optimally, Units will be positioned in multiple locations throughout the Retailer to reinforce featured Brands and Events with consistent, pleasant, helpful, customized content.

• Bridge the Digital divide by incorporating the Greeter into multiple Marketing Channels to reinforce the theme and presence.
• Leverage technology to cross promote relevant e-commerce, service, loyalty and other digital initiatives to increase overall Shopper awareness, participation and retention.
• Configurations include Free Standing Pods, end-caps , aisle shelves  and check-out areas
• Free Standing Units can feature multiple Product Ads on each Unit, with featured Products merchandised directly into the Pod for exceptional cross promotion opportunities


Cross promotional advertising opportunities allow for multiple Products to be featured in the same Ad Cycle on the same Unit using actual Products, digital images, video content and Brand specific attire. 

• Ad Space featured with Ad Durations up to 15 Seconds each, looped on Continuous Delivery Cycle for each Unit
• Each 15 second Ad Space can incorporate product demonstrations, video creative and interactivity with QR Codes or product scent as an available option.
• Available with 7, 14 or 30 day Ad Cycles to ensure fresh content and ongoing Shopper Engagement
• Low cost Ad Space with cost per cycle with Ad Rates competitive with existing less effective static printed in-store Ads
• Available Category Exclusivity for Advertisers for each Unit per Ad Cycle

The Co-Op Program for the Holographic Greeter offers participating Retailers an opportunity to turn this captivating promotional and branding concept into a revenue producing vehicle for their business while also benefiting from the increased exposure and substantial sales lifts  provided by this captivating device. 


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