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Programs and Solutions are available for small scale Surge Projects to large scale Rollouts

"Turnkey" means we provide a complete Digital Marketing Platform from concept to completion. "Hassle Free" means we manage the entire process… from Talent/Models, script writing/editing services, we shoot and produce the video content and can even transmit video updates through our proprietary HoloNet™ Cloud-Based Content Management Architecture. We even handle all maintenance when you use our HoloLease™ Program! With HoloLease™, the upfront investment in equipment and ongoing maintenance is taken “off the table” allowing Advertisers the peace of mind that the success of the program pays for itself along the way. 

•Highlight Specials in “Real Time”
• Increase Product Awareness
• Showcase New Item Launches
• Any item or concept can be featured regardless of size and/or Brand

The key to branding your products is in making unique and memorable impressions. You can’t make a more unique impression than with the Holographic Greeter!  The Holographic Greeter immediately grabs attention with its distinctive visual appearance and consistent audible message delivery capabilities.

An effective “themed” campaign with the Holographic Greeter will build excitement and help “tell the story” to create immediate connections between Shoppers and your Brands through the unique blending of digital messaging and “personal 3rd party Product endorsements” through the Holographic Personality. You can even use your existing Brand creative with our screen-in-screen technology.

​​The Retail Ad Program provides great flexibility for CPG Manufacturers. Units are available for purchase or extended lease Programs.

The CPG Manufacturer exclusively controls the content and decides how long, and at which Retailers the Units are deployed

Content Duration length, Ad Cycle length, and number of Units deployed in each Retail location can all be modified specifically to each Retailer.




Enhance the shopping experience while delivering meaningful Brand impressions by providing consistent, valuable, relevant and informational interactive digital content in a personalized, cheerful and non intimidating manner. 

Documented POS Lifts

average 300+%


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