SECURE- Tamper Resistant and Rugged Powdercoated Steel case so you can be assured of continuous reliability

Digital Video-in-Video capabilities allows in-depth demonstrations and engagement opportunities

QR Codes- can be used for in-depth interactive engagement including; Surveys/Web Links/Etc.

Motion activation for content delivery allows for instantaneous activation of active messaging only when foot traffic is detected
HoloNet ™ SAFE/SECURE Cloud Based Content Management Architecture  allows active “real time” content changes through our  secure encrypted web based  console
AromaFusion™ sent delivery system creates a total immersion experience by incorporating the sense of almost any smell, further engaging and compelling interaction
TouchScreen Interactive Kiosk™ option can interactively handle tasks as simple as giving directional guidance or information to dispensing coupons for discounts, all the way to in-depth database interaction or complete Client Relationship Management with registrations, surveys, exit polls, etc.
360° HD Image Technology™ creates a dynamic range of view that is unrestricted, bright, crisp and visible from a full 360°… the widest viewing field available


The Holographic Greeter is an exciting information, branding and promotional messaging medium that displays a holographic image projected onto a life-sized cut-out that is so unique and lifelike, Passersby can't help but stop and stare. Once they stop, the Holographic Greeter captivates them through an array of features…


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